quinta-feira, novembro 02, 2006

Philadelphia Roots

Nessa tarde chuvosa mais uma maravilhosa compilação do selo Soul Jazz que traz muito funk e soul de primeiríssima qualidade. Bom proveito e ...

This raining afternoon brings another wonderful compilation by Soul Jazz including lots of high-quality funk and soul. Enjoy and…

1. I Likes to Do It - People's Choice
2. Horse - Cliff Nobles
3. Waitin' for the Rain - The Fantastic Johnny C.
4. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
5. California Soul - Brenda & the Tabulations
6. Take It Easy Soul Brother - Corner Boys
7. Let Me Do My Thing - People's Choice
8. Hey Boy - Brenda & the Tabulations
9. Great Big Liar - Bunny Sigler
10. Chained and Bound
11. O Wow! - Panic Buttons
12. Lost the Will to Live - John Ellison
13. Waitin' for the Rain - Philly Sound Strings
14. Sure Didn't Take Long
15. Big Ladies Man - People's Choice
16. You Gotta Come a Little Closer - Soul Brothers Six
17. United - The Music Makers

... Bon Voyage!


ao som de California Soul - Marlena Shaw
listening to California Soul - Marlena Shaw

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